M.D. Parashar

wild life artist & photographer

The Artist

M.D.Parashar is often considered Ranthambhore’s first son. Some may attribute this to his brilliant artistry, and despite its unarguable genius, Parashar’s popularity arises more from the pride he has evoked in the people of Ranthambhore. Born and raised in the towns flanking the Ranthambhore forests, Parashar's earliest memories involve treks through the forests to catch glimpses of the elusive tiger. His passion for Ranthambhore and all its inhabitants, quadruped, biped and stationary inspired him to found the Ranthambhore School of Art and Wildlife Conservation Society in 1982. With the word 'fee' being taboo to each of the 400 art students trained every year, the school provides livelihood through vocational training to most of Ranthambhore.

Quality Project


Despite being taught by some of the greatest scholars of art at the Rajasthan School of Art and his former training in folk art, Parashar’s art is grounded, unpretentious, and honest. Over the years, Parashar has developed a style to suit the natives of Ranthambhore who lack easy access to sophisticated art supplies. With domestic lampblack (soot) and a crumpled newspaper used as a nib, Parashar creates intricate imagery of his preferred muse: the tiger. This award winning photographer draws inspiration from the photographs of the graceful big cat he clicks himself.

M. D. Parasher, Ranthambhore




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