soot on paper

painting story

Soot Painting
(Soot on Paper)

Story of Soot Painting

“Soot on Paper” is the new medium, by chance I ( M.D.Parashar) Find out this unique Idea In November 1984, One day I was cleaned a Lamp Glass and want to put again in Lamp, that time I saw the Exist hole of the Lamp was blocked by Soot Powder, I thought if I do not Remove this, Lamp Glass will be more Dirty very soon so I take one small stick in my hand and want to remove that, suddenly the all lightweight Fine soot powder drooped on my Floor and sprayed with air, slowly Floor become Dirty, I have no Idea for Stop that but by chance I have my Sketch book nearby me so quickly I take one White paper from sketch book to use Like a napkin and cleaned Soot Powder from Floor. After when I throwing that outside of my home, I saw 10 to 12 black & white tones on that paper. Because rubbed the paper with soot powder at removing time so that makes lots of black & white Tones there. It just Blink in my mind and I thought if we find out the tones from this way than we can make the Texture same way and will make the painting also with this new medium. In Visual Art only six parts is very important like a Line, Shape, color, tone, texture and Space. So I use this new medium and start to try to make a painting. I have done my first Soot Painting In 1986, now Result is Front of you.

M. D. Parasher, Ranthambore




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